Erda民宿 · 整套房子 · 6室5卫10床
Luxe Erda Home w/Indoor Pool, Yard & Mountain View

¥2,487 每晚

房客“Let me start by saying that this house is beautiful. The pool house is amazing. The house was very clean and put together when we arrived and check in was extremely easy. If you’re renting this house and plan on cooking, I would bring your own things. The kitchen had no labels of where things where located so it made it a little frustrating. We celebrated our thanksgiving here. However, there was plenty of things to cook and eat with. The theater room looked so fun but the lightbulb to the projector was out and we couldn’t use the theater at all for our stay and we had been looking forward to that after a day of swimming. The main shower in the master bedroom didn’t function all the way. The shower head in the ceiling didn’t work. The owners also showed up to the property unannounced on the day of our checkout. I had guests sitting in the patio and the person walking around the backyard didn’t even acknowledge them. We still had an hour and a half left until checkout. There was a night where I accidentally set the alarm off from the basement. I thought it was the thermostat and pressed a button that set it off. The basement was very cold compared to the rest of the house. The owner came by to check on us and I explained to him that I had accidentally pressed the red button on the little screen downstairs. Assured him everything was fine. He then proceeded to ask me and my guest if we had been drinking. We where just done eating dinner and where dressed nicely so he didn’t ask any other questions. I don’t feel like it was appropriate and kind of rude to assume we where drinking. Regardless, Everyone in the house was of age and I didn’t see a policy that prohibited alcohol in the home. It would have been nice to have received a call or text on both of these occasions. The owner wasn’t wearing a mask when he knocked on the door and he was right in the door so it was a little uncomfortable because of covid. We where very respectful of the property and celebrated our thanksgiving here and overall had a great time. I have rented several times from Airbnb and never had any issues with any property I have stayed at and communication has always been excellent.”