с. Сасівка, Свалявський район的民宿
с. Сасівка, Свалявський район民宿 · 整栋木屋 · 2室1卫3床
Family Green 3

¥212 每晚

房客“I have been traveling to Ukraine as a tourist for more than four years and I have to say that Family Green is the best AirBnB experience I have ever had. I have been here for more than a month and Vova and his wife Mariana were very friendly and kind hosts. For around $12 per day or less, she will cook you three meals of your choice. I enjoy her hungarian and Carpathian dish, especially. Everything is produced on their farm, so you can eat fresh food each day. They have apple trees in the yard, so you can pick them from the tree or the ground, where they fall. They also produce their own wine, which I think is very good. Each week, Mariana cleans your space and Vova handles all of the outside work, so everything is very clean and neat inside and outside the cabin. Vova also took me hiking up several mountains and we picked mushrooms and wild berries. And, for a reasonable fee, he will take you on excursions in the region. Vova grew up in this region and is very educated on the history and the culture so he can explain everything to you. If you go on a hiking trip, he will explain how old trees are, what types they are and anything about the ecology of the area. He learned everything he knows in high school. Interestingly enough, he studied economics in college, no ecology or environmental studies. The village of Sasivka is very quiet, so the loudest thing you hear at night are crickets. Being from New York City, I appreciate the silence. The people of the village are very kind and speak to you if they see you are a tourist. Some will even invite you over for shashlik and beer. This happened to me many times. Between Mariana and Vova, you will have a lovely time here.I enjoyed my time here so much that I plan on returning in December and staying for a few months. I encourage anyone who wants a Carpathian experience to stay at Family Green. You will not regret it.”
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