马拉提亚民宿 · 整套公寓 · 3室1.5卫1床
Casa Miramare, ottima location, wifi smartworking

¥471 每晚

房客“This is definitely a 5-airbnb-star apartment. The apartment has a nice-sized combination living/dining room, three bedrooms, a single bathroom, and a very very large terrace with a lovely view of the water. It would be suitable for small families, anyone who needs the bedrooms and plans to spend much of their time on the terrace or at the beach. The hosts (Elena and Gianni) are very kind, cordial, and accommodating. We had a minor problem with the heating system, and Elena was on top of it immediately and took care of things within just a few hours. The house was completely spotlessly clean and bright and airy for our vacation (late October). Some things to know: other reviewers have noted a loud bakery---there is a bakery, but we had no noise at all. I don't know if this is because they are quieter in October when there is less tourist business, or whether someone asked them to tone it down, or whether they just never were that loud. But it was absolutely not a problem for us at all; there was no noise. The house is located halfway between the beach and Maratea "centro storico." This means that you are not really anywhere close to anything---you can walk to the Centro Storico in about 20 minutes, the beach would take longer (and the uphill back would be very hard). You should look at a map to understand that you will have to hop in your car to go anywhere. For us, the location was fine, but it is not a "house by the sea." There is a market directly next door, and two restaurants within walking distance; a larger supermarket is about 2 km away. Anyway, there is no deception about the location, but be sure that this is what you want---a quiet spot half-way between the two main attractions of Maratea. One other thing to note is that the kitchen is very, very small. It is remarkably well-equipped---lots of pans and dishes and so on, but there is literally zero counter space---you have to work on the drainboard of the sink. So if you are planning on fixing elaborate meals, this might be a difficult kitchen. We were only making salads and light dinners, so it was not a problem for us, but again make sure that this is what you want. We had a great time and enjoyed our week in Maratea, and we would definitely recommend this apartment to anyone who wants a quiet spot with a nice terrace on the beautiful (and brief) coast of Basilicata!”
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