Winters民宿 · 整套房子 · 2室2卫5床
3600 sq ft farm stay w/pool & spa on 80 acre ranch

¥3,289 每晚

房客“DO NOT LET THE PICTURES FOOL YOU. this beautiful house caught my attention with the 5 beds and hot tub/ pool, plus updated bathroom with hot tub. Although this house was beautiful there are A LOT of issues that continued to show up. First, the hot tub nor the pool were cleaned upon our arrival in fact it looked like it hadn't been cleaned for a while before us. we didn't have hot water AT ALL EXCEPT for the mornings and with 8 people staying there hot water wouldn't stay hot long enough for our showers. The house only has 3 beds and 2 air mattresses. All through the kitchen cabinets and drawers we saw mice droppings or packages they had eaten through. next to the laundry room we found droppings bigger than mice which must've meant they had rats as well. the day before out departure me and my sister saw a mouse run from one of the rooms into the living room at separate times. we were so on edge no one sat in the living room that whole day. when I messaged the host about the incident her was response was she'll send a housekeeper and 2 contractors. the housekeeper came and cleaned the mouse droppings out of ONE drawer with her bare hands and told us the rest the contractors would take care of.The contractor showed up almost 3 hours later. the only thing he managed to fix was un clogging the drain in the updated shower as it would not drain so we could not use it. I then asked him about the mouse issue and he said there wasn't much to do about it other than set traps. He left. He then showed up 20 minutes later and gave me the traps to set MYSELF. he also came in and let his dog run around without asking anyone. My brother is allergic to dogs so a heads up wouldve been nice, also his dog peed in two of the rooms and he left without cleaning it up. Upon arrival the doors were locked the host did not send a code in advance, and when I called her she did not answer quickly which isn't a problem normally but it was already dark and freezing so we had to jump back in the car to wait for her reply. When she finally did reply the code she gave me was wrong. After many failed attempts we then drove to the other side of the house to try the other door we found, and the code didn't work for that door either. I tried opening the door and it was already unlocked which is very unsafe.Me and my family are not high maintenance at all we do not complain about things all we wanted to do was enjoy ourselves together. For the first day we decided to over look all the issues just for the sake of spending time with the family, but the problems continued to grow each day. This house was not worth the money at all. I love booking houses through airbnb and I have never even had one issue with other houses this was a first for me.”