巴拿马城市海滩民宿 · 整栋别墅 · 2室1卫4床
🐶🦑329 Dome! Pet friendly WALK 2 PIER PARK beac

¥863 每晚

房客“I don’t even know where to start with this stay... To begin with, I would just like to say even if you were having issues with a condo, the host can still make it a positive experience for you. Kara is probably one of the worst hosts ever. If you don’t believe me scroll down to past reviews and see her responses to previous customers. She can’t handle constructive criticism about the condo and will disregard anything you say. I messaged her letting her know my issues and how my review would be (which still could have changed BASED on her response) and she told me that I needed to find my guests somewhere else to stay and I had 40 minutes to give her an answer. So within an hour from my message, we had to stop in the middle of breakfast to pack our things and immediately leave just so she didn’t get a bad review... and here I am still leaving a bad review. Even worse, after all these issues... after we left she messaged me implying I stole her lamp cord. This lady is the WORST. Wtf do I need a lamp cord for... but anyways upon our arrival, we found a swisher that can be used for tobacco/weed on the balcony patio (if we pay to have a cleaning service at least clean it). The towels you use to shower with are the smallest towels that won’t even wrap around your body. After telling Kara about this issue she acted like I was stupid and that she uses the same style at home and they work just fine for. Yes her messages say to bring extras because she only has 4, but seriously if you provide 4 make sure they will wrap around an adult. (I weigh 140 lbs so definitely not overweight either) Anyways, we were trying to end the night watching tv and the remotes batteries are dead and again just something you should check while cleaning so every guest has a good experience. Then that same night I’m trying to sleep and wake up to a ROACH crawling on my head. Kara says they’re native to the area... okay, but IT DOESN’T make it okay that it was on my body while I was sleeping. It’s one thing to see it but another to have it on you. Yes this place is cheaper but save your money up and go stay somewhere better for the week. The condo is cramped, bathroom is a connected bathroom. There is NO privacy because the upstairs can look over their rail on to your bed. Also, it stayed very hot in the condo. This place sleeps 4, yes FOUR people comfortably. Airbnb needs to take away the 9 on her page. It doesn’t have an elevator which made it very hard on my mom because she has trouble walking. So like the only thing good about this place is the view of the beach but you could get that at the other million places along the beach... seriously just listen to me and don’t book this place. 0/10 would not recommend to a friend”
巴拿马城市海滩民宿 · 整套公寓 · 1室1卫2床

¥863 每晚

房客“This condo at The Ambassador has a unique design, compact and cute. It has the most amazing views, of the ocean and beach, from the balcony. This unit does have one bed upstairs-with the very best views-when looking out of the double dome windows. The staircase leading to this area are small steps with a unique design. The kitchen is on the smaller side-with smaller appliances-but has everything we needed for our stay. The granite countertops in the kitchen and bathroom were a nice upgraded feature to have. The bathroom looks to have been recently remodeled using nice neutral colored tiles throughout. The large walk in shower, with double glass doors looked great. I do wish there had been a sit down bathtub. The downstairs bed is positioned in the room to where the ocean is clearly visible. Opening the sliding glass door, to allow the breeze coming off the water flow through the condo and hearing the sounds of waves crashing is ideal for relaxation. During our stay, hurricane sally did have negative effects to the condo. Water did get into our room through the sliding doors and windows facing the ocean. Also, under the wall from the ajoining room. I contacted Kara immediately and her husband came to remedy all issues, as best as he could have and quickly! My husband and I did have to continue cleaning up water off and on the remainder of the day & night. Kara also helped us out on our last days rental cost, which I felt was very appropriate for our hectic water mess and clean up. She was very polite and nice about everything.”