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studio pinel on a private beach

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房客“Amazing! Best experience ever. The 2 dogs really made our experience outstanding, they adopted us for the days we were there & we had constant hiking & kayaking companions & helped so much w/ missing our own dogs. On the 1st day we took the kayak & the dogs jumped in but we pushed them out and paddled fast because we didn't know if they were allowed on pinel island and also allowed on the kayak. The dogs were so desperate to come they swam right behind our kayak all the way to pinel!! We were so afraid they wouldn't make it bc it is such a long swim but they did! From that moment we always let them jump in the kayak with us and come with us whereever we went. The stayed right by our sides pretty much on pinel, even at the 2 different restaurants and hiked with us to the other side of pinel. They loved playing in the water right by our sides. The place is just as described and super clean, I am glad we booked studio pinel instead of the one next door "natural" bc our outdoor space was bigger & I enjoyed having an indoor bathroom away from mosquitos. It was also nice to be right in front of the pool so when we used it we weren't looking into another person's terrace. There is a 3rd unit on the side but it is not ready yet because the owner is still rebuilding it after being destroyed by Irma. You have to be ready for insects (ants, spiders, grasshoppers, flies, mosquitos) in your outdoor kitchen, we hate insects but by the 5th day were getting more used to them and settling in to "island" life. We had fun collecting the fallen coconuts and looking up youtube videos on how to open them without tools. The coconut meat is a great addition to smoothies (they provide a blender). The beach in front is completely calm water but not really swimmable bc the bottom is mostly algae unless you don't mind wading thru plants &algae. It was fun to watch all the fish that would jump out of the water. There were multiple kayaks & they were really easy to launch right from the beach. It was amazing kayaking to pinel & petit clef where there is a small beach on the west side. We pulled the kayak onto that tiny beach &enjoyed the shallow waters & having a deserted rock all to ourselves w/ 2 dogs. There are huge stingrays! There is also a sandbar (no sand is showing but it is very shallow) to the west of petit clef. There is a blue floating thing in the water that I guess you tie your kayak to if you want to get out &snorkel - we didn't but read about it. We just enjoyed exploring by kayak, the 2 dogs knew exactly when we reached the sandbar because they jumped out & ran around & explored the shallow water until we called them back. A large dry bag is provided in the unit for the kayak. We bought treats for the dogs & gave them a bowl of water & shared lots of our chicken & hot dogs & they slept outside our door on our terrace every night, even the cat joined us for the last 2 days. Wifi was under 10mbps which is common we're finding for the island. We had a very unusual amount of rain for this time of yr which caused some leaking and electrical outages but the owners were quick to respond & call an electrician. We were spending most time outside on the terrace w/the dogs anyway. The air conditioning really cools the bed at night to about 72 degrees. It really helped to keep the bathroom door closed so the AC stayed in the main room. When the screen door was left open with the 2 side windows there was a gentle breeze thru the unit so it never got super hot inside. On the terrace I wish the breeze was stronger, it was very sheltered from the wind I guess from being a low ceiling on the bottom level. But the fan next to the dining table really helped. There were plenty of mosquitos, probably especially from all the rain but we bought citronella candles & mosquito coils & sprayed ourselves with Deet spray & that really helped. Also we bought insecticide spray which helped w/ the ants. The owners were amazing, super friendly &helpful. Do not buy any souvenirs before coming here - the owners are wholesalers &have their whole garage dedicated to souvenirs and woman's jewelry &clothes. They will let you in to do as much shopping as you want at wholesale prices! Loved walking around the neighborhood at night, so peaceful with 2 wonderful dogs right by our side! Bring cash to pinel if you want to go to the 2 restaurants, their credit card machine did not work for us, maybe bc of the storms. Also we packed our drone in the dry bag but found out pinel was a no fly zone bc of the airport. We would book this airbnb again in a heartbeat, loved every minute.”
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