East Riverdale的民宿
East Riverdale民宿 · 独立房间 · 1室1卫1床
Tuckerman Lodge (Comfortable Queen)

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房客“My fiance and I ended up staying at Terry's just prior to quarantine until the end of June. I could not have asked for a better place to get "grounded" by COVID. Terry is very responsive to any requests/needs you may have, and willing to work with you on solutions to make daily life easier. The room in which we stayed (Queen's) has a large beautiful window at ground level, and the common room/kitchenette area also has numerous windows, all of this makes it easy to forget that you are *technically* in a basement. While we were staying there he made several improvements to the site, including a nice swinging bench in the backyard and a couple additional internet "hubs." Oh also there is copious storage space in the Queen's room; the closet is large and space under the bed is all drawer space!! I should mention that while I was staying there, the household seemed to be on a late-night schedule, so on occasion housemates would be up until 1 or 2am (including myself!), and sound travels as it would in any house. THAT SAID, on the several days that it was important for me to go to sleep early, I simply informed Terry of this and he ensured that the house was quiet by 10/11pm on those evenings and there was no problem at all. Also, of note, this was during quarantine, so the late schedule may not even be present once things get back to "normal." Regardless, Terry is very responsive via text or in person so honestly just as long as you make your needs known, you will be very happy with this site and this service! Also, if you happen to stay there for an extended time as we did, you might even get a chance to try Terry's home-cooking, which is SOOOO good. He is a very generous and kind man, highly intelligent and easy to talk to, and for those of you who might be a little anti-social, if you DON'T want to talk/interact with others in the household, escape can easily be found in your room: Terry was EXTREMELY careful to respect all of his guest's privacy, letting you feel like your room really is "your room!" Highly recommend, happy travels!!”
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Paeonian Springs的民宿
Paeonian Springs民宿 · 独立房间 · 1室1卫1床
Paradise in Paeonian Springs!

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房客“Terry's place is a wonderful getaway in the country, quiet and peaceful yet with quick access to the freeway. The screened porch is a great place to sit, eat, socialize, or work. The bedroom is cozy, with lots of windows. The living room area is nice though pretty dark during the day. The wet bar area can be adapted to serve as a mini-kitchen :) And Terry and his family are incredibly nice, warm and kind! His girlfriend got up to help me check in very late at night. Terry carried my suitcases down when they got delivered the next day and basically invited me to use anything in his house! The space is fairly private, with its own bedroom, living area, full bath and exclusive access to the screened porch, which you can also use as your private entrance. But since there is currently no door between Terry's living area and the stairs that lead down to the basement, there is a lot of noise from the various adults, kids and dogs that live or visit upstairs. It's all very friendly, but just be aware it does take away from the privacy and quiet. (Terry did say he plans to put up a door at some point! An earlier reviewer mentioned that the bedroom itself didn't have a door, just a curtain, but that has been changed. There is a door now, which makes a big difference for noise and privacy. Also, there is a doggie gate to keep Terry's dogs from coming downstairs.) My other comment is about temperature -- the unit's A/C is controlled by Terry upstairs, and since it's a basement, it gets a whole lot chillier than upstairs. All of the vents were closed but I still found the unit uncomfortably cold. This was a very minor issue, of course, which I just dealt with by bundling up :) Overall, I really enjoyed my stay, and my hours on the screened porch gazing out at the pond and trees. And Terry and his family could not have been more welcoming.”
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