安德森(Anderson)民宿 · 独立房间 · 1室1卫3床
Belton House - Carousel Room

¥205 每晚

房客“I would say albeit with reticence, a short abbreviated stay at this listing might do when traveling for the weekend or a few days during the week. Given I was initially there for a long term stay, but encountered situations that led me to terminate my stay, I think perhaps brief stays would likely enable you to bypass any negatives. My first night's stay I was greeted by fleas in my room. Instead of canceling my reservation, I agreed to move to a hotel at my expense so the home could be flea treated. When I was transferred to the second room, I was assigned a different bathroom of which was dirty from previous travelers including hair all over the floor. After contacting the host, she said her husband forgot to clean it, and would. I expressed my concern over a bedding smell issue, and was greeted the next day by a knock on my door, and a quite angry host about my concern. I can say without hesitation, I made many attempts to communicate with the host over any concern with tact, respect, and always commending their beautiful home. I found myself receiving one and two page long emails from the host as though it were a debate team. After receiving the last email, of which I could not bring myself to read the entire two page long email, I made the decision that the stress the environment was causing me, was far greater than having to relocate. I made the decision I needed to leave. I would say this, if you are in the hospitality business, and you have been in it for so long that it becomes a chore to have cordial interactions with guests, and guest concerns irritate you to the point of expressing anger towards them, then perhaps your hospitality business is not quite as hospitable as you would like to think. Perhaps it's time to rethink your line of business. In defense of the Belton House and it's hosts, it might be well worth a short visit if you are traveling. You might enjoy the history of the home, and find it a nice topic of conversation. I would also say in defense of everyone, whether it be hosts or guests, we are living in stressful times, and sometimes the communication we give to one another makes even the most stressful situations more bearable, and that is something we are all responsible for. I wish these hosts nothing but continued success in their business, and my hope is we will all learn and grow from this experience. I hope all future guests have a wonderful stay at the Belton House.”
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