福纳卢奇 (Fornalutx)的民宿
福纳卢奇 (Fornalutx)民宿 · 整套房子 · 1室2卫1床
CA'N MAYOL (BANYETA) - Chalet with terrace in Fornalutx. Free WiFi

¥683 每晚

房客“In my opinion, this is not what an Airbnb is meant to be. This listing is managed by a third party, for a woman that lives outside of Spain. Additionally, the third-party isn't even there to oversee the house...it is done by a local woman who runs the shop next door (who is lovely but again, not really the host). So when problems arise (of which there were a few) it is really impersonal and unorganised. The first problem was that before booking, I specifically messaged the host to check that there was a BBQ. This was important to us and I was told there was one at the property (as pictured). Upon arrival, there was no BBQ. Additionally, all the patio furniture is all different. There are just two dining chairs, a small table, and a broken umbrella. The entire reason we booked this Airbnb was for the location, patio and BBQ so we were disappointed. The woman helping us ordered a BBQ and it arrived a few days into our stay. The woman (~80 years old) asked us if we wanted her to then carry it up 4 flights of stairs and put it together in 30-degree heat. This put us in a very uncomfortable position because clearly, she would not be able to do that. So my husband and I ended up having to assemble the BBQ ourselves - not what you want to be doing for an hour on your holiday. We were given the wrong instructions for wifi and because you are speaking with a third-party, communication is very slow. We were not given proper instructions about the rubbish and the same thing - slow communication. We asked if we could just even put our things in the Airbnb an hour early and they said no. So we ended up having to carry luggage around the town with us (all cobblestone) until the exact check-in time. They gave us two rolls of toilet paper for two people staying for 10 days. When I told them this, they didn't respond. There wasn't even a bread knife, so we had to cut bread with a small steak knife. To me, Airbnb is about being able to stay in someone's home and have an authentic and lovely experience. This was unfortunately all just really impersonal, sterile, and disappointing. The pros are that the location is PERFECT and once we got the wifi working, the connection was strong. I would highly recommend staying in Fornalutx (beautiful town and amazing hiking) but not necessarily in this home.”