Fawnskin民宿 · 整栋木屋 · 2室1卫2床

¥888 每晚

房客“I have been in a battle with Airbnb since I arrived home from my trip; but since that doesn't seem to be resolved anytime soon and this is my last day to leave a review, here we go. As sent to Airbnb: "I just got back from my stay at this cabin and am extremely unhappy with my experience there. This was without a doubt the worst, most disgusting airbnb and house I've ever experienced. In addition to the house being a mess, the photos and information provided in the listing are inaccurate and misleading. When I arrived, I was shocked by the general unkept appearance of the yard and patio, despite the cleaners supposedly leaving less than 2 hours previously. Trash was scattered throughout the yard, the patio was covered in leaves and pine needles, the table had cigarette ash on it, and a spare piece of carpet was half strewn across the ground. Upon entering the house, I was even more shocked. Immediately I was met by a smell that I can only describe as garbage. The large, sectional couch shown in the photos was replaced by a much smaller couch that sunk down in the middle when you sat on them. When trying to use the bathroom after my long drive, I discovered the toilet flusher was broken and the only way I could flush the toilet was by opening the tank and manually flushing it. After sticking my hand in the toilet, I wasn’t even provided handsoap or a hand towel to wash my hands. I was however provided with a litany of old and half used body wash and shampoo in the cabinet below the sink. I contacted the hosts about the toilet and was told a previous guest broke it (from another review, it seems this toilet breaking guest stayed quite some time ago) and they were “working on getting someone up there.” What should have been a 15 minute fix to replace the flusher was never replaced or addressed the entire 5 days I was there. The house had not even the barest of health or safety necessities such as soap, towels, or clean toilet paper (we were provided with two half used rolls, disgusting). The uncleanliness and lack of basic attempts at cleaning is especially concerning considering the current COVID crisis. The condition of the house was startling. The listing claims it has been recently remodeled but this house hasn’t been remodeled for at least 20 years, and that’s being generous. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING in the house was dirty and old. The kitchen counters and cabinets were covered in a thick greasy film, the very few provided pans were covered in caked on food and grease. Everything was covered in dust, when you sat on the couch, a dust cloud erupted. The carpet was completely discolored and dirty that I didn’t even want to walk barefoot on it. My first night, I awoke to find a damp, apparently used towel in the bed. The fireplace was impacted with ash which makes the fact that the smoke detector was removed even more concerning. The pillows I was provided were stained. Everywhere I looked and everything I touched made me feel dirty. To top it off, the internet was constantly going out." I understand the sentiment "you get what you pay for" but this house is absolutely unreasonable. Not only do they charge a wild cleaning fee, which is a joke due to the cleanliness of the place, but they also try to charge you a scam of a $30 "resort fee." They try to bill this fee AFTER you book through Airbnb (read the house rules) and my numerous emails asking about this fee never received a response. I would stay away from this place at all costs. It's not worth the money you may save.”