有超过3,300名房客入住了Cape Girardeau的房源。




Cape Girardeau的民宿
Cape Girardeau民宿 · 独立房间 · 1室2卫1床
S - Civil War era home, by downtown

¥250 每晚

房客“I want to say at the very beginning that this was among my top three airbnb stays. With that being said, its had very little of the requirements that I usually look for when booking. My husband and I were travelling home from a Thanksgiving in NC and the old man gets antsy if he has to ride more than 6 hrs. So it was a last minute search to find a cheaper than a hotel bed and I didn't look much past the fantastic price (without an exorbitant cleaning fee) and reserved the room for an overnight stay. My list of normally preferred amenities is quiet privacy, a bathtub in a private bath, entry level bedroom, private outdoor area, tv in bedroom. I got none of those in this overnight stay. What we did get was nothing short of feeling welcome and literally a part of the interactions of loving and truly and caring hosts. From the moment we walked into the unlocked door we knew we were appreciated for choosing a place to stay during a pandemic where lots of doors are closed. We were told they had just reopened and if we needed a meal there was plenty in the fridge or they made suggestions and offered to order us anything to be delivered. We made our trek up the long staircase to our room and found it to be very comfortable with a view of the Miss. River on one side and a beautiful sunset on the other. Its not fancy but a house that is well maintained with plenty of rustic charm. The hosts live in the house and handle your every request or need for assistance. They were in the midst of decorating for Christmas and you could tell the tree ornaments held decades of memories, delicate and colorful items you can't find anymore except in a box from the attic. I could write a book on the happenings of that one evening with my husband foregoing the help for delivery of anything we needed and he ended up getting lost in a strange city and forgot to take his cellphone with him. Our hosts were caring and even went to search for him and eventually after almost 3 long hours of waiting were able to locate him (i will spare you the details - might just write that book) and brought him back safely. I can honestly say this was a delightful home filled with a sense of you belonging even if just for an evening and morning. My husband loves to talk and from my room upstairs I could hear him bending some ears in the morning. I know the hosts sighed a breath of relief when us two old and weary travelers walked out the door. I do hope we left them with some laughable memories. I did give them a gift and do hooe they will let me come back for a girls weekend away.”