Ananthagiri民宿 · 露营地 · 5室1卫10床
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房客“We were kind of skeptical about this trek as we were taking our 3 and a half years old son with us and dint know what to expect. This was his first trek and our first as a family. Speaking to Tharun ,after his "in detail" description of the place and surroundings, we decided to try. After a 4 hour long drive, we reached the starting point of the trek -Ananthagiri , met Tharun's team , who were gonna accompany us on the trek. They were very patient and with few pit stops here and there ,we reached the camp site all safe. Though the walk was filled with beautiful views right from the first step, we were amazed on seeing the camping site in the valley... While team made us comfortable ,mounted our tents and we took a short walk to check the surroundings. The campsite was just beside the waterfall and all we could hear was the sound of water. Absolutely no mobile network or electricity( which was a blessing) We then had dinner which was cooked on spot for us ,and was indeed a luxury to have it at such place under the starlit sky. As we were tired with all the walking we slept off early . It gets dark a bit early in this place ( like around 5 pm ) and then there was this cold wind. Was shocked to see the entire place glowing under moonlight when woke up in between around 12 midnight. The moon was still around when we woke up in the morning . The sunrise was amazing as it brought back the warmth and we then took a stroll along the waterfall,tracing it back. We were advised not to go downstream as it's a bit steep for our son. The walk along the fall was awesome! Saw so many colourful insects and so many fishes in the crystal-clear water.We spent most of our time in and around the stream as we just couldn't get enought of it. When it was time to say goodbye after our 2 night stay, my son was very reluctant to leave the place. The stillness of the mountains and the calm,only sound being the soft flow of water, with the brushing of cold breeze occasionally- the beauty of such places can only be experienced as words can't do any justice.”
· 超赞房东