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贝克尔斯菲民宿 · 独立房间 · 1室1卫1床


4.6分 · 10条评论

该房源位于贝克尔斯菲, 加利福尼亚, 美国,配备了无线网络、厨房,此外该民宿也设置了空调、暖气,提供了洗衣机、烘干机、洗发水等家居设备,让你享受舒适生活。

房客头像“(If you want a REAL review.. KEEP READING) Where do I begin... This was the worst experience I’ve ever had with an Airbnb!! This place is NOT good for a long term stay AT ALL!! I repeat, NOT GOOD for a long term stay! I was suppose to stay for 3 weeks and asked for a refund after the first!! It seems like most of the other reviewers only stayed 2-3 days because I don’t know how they could ever rate this place good! —>THE HOME/ PRIVACY: Firstly, you are living with atleast 4 other guest!!! This is not a private home at all!! No where on the booking does it state that other people are in the home. Like I said before, I was suppose stay 3 weeks! I was moving from across the country and was in transition of finding a new home. There was NO accommodation made for space! I had no where to put my things in a cabinet, no place for groceries in the fridge, nothing! I had to find space for all of that, and got yelled at for trying to moving things around! No extra day/ night guest are allowed, unless it’s her guest. Yes you read correctly! She can bring people over but you cannot! Bare in mind, you cannot lock your own private room unless you are in it...so forget about protecting your belongings if you leave the home. —>The ROOM/BATHROOM The room is BASIC! The host didn’t not vacuum AT ALL!! Her hair is everywhere; getting stuck between your toes as you walk, attached to your body when you get out the shower, and even the occasional stringy hair in your bed sleeping next to you! The bedroom has no T.V so don’t expect to have any type of entertainment! And the best yet, expect to sleep on the same bed sheets no matter the duration of your stay! She APPARENTLY only has ONE set of sheets for each bedroom in the house!! The bathroom is shared, and unfortunately I had to share it with the host herself! Again hair in the bathroom all on the rugs as you step out the shower! The tub, day after day was building up dirt smudges and stains, and after a week I had to physically ASK her to clean it. Fresh towels are also only provided upon request, so don’t expect that hospitality unless you physically ask her. —>THE HOST, COMMUNICATION, REFUND The host just wants your money to pay her rent and bills! That’s it! She cares less if you are comfortable, accommodated, or even happy! You can bring complaints to her on Airbnb, but she doesn’t respond and makes excuses; then cries threaten if you approach her in person. Her communication with you sucks, unless it’s positive apparently (per other reviewers). Be prepared to catch a fungus or bacteria, because I wasn’t! Yes, I got RINGWORM within the first 3 days of being in her home! I WISH I CAN POST PICTURES! Again, I brought it to her attention, no response! After a week of arriving; I got approved to move into my new apartment (thank God) to move in a week earlier. So I request a reservation change and refund for the days I would not be staying in her establishment. Bare in mind, She didn’t not have any policy about ‘No refunds at the time’, so I brought it to her attention immediately that I put the request in, so the process can be sped up. She claimed her phone broke and she will get to be later. Three days later she still didn’t respond or approve the change of reservation. But can however, proceeded to text me from the Airbnb app to tell me to turn my music down at 7:00pm. Again, I had to approach her about the reservation; where she lied about the refund policy that she changed instantly and told me there was ‘No Refund’ and denied my request. I told her I will contact Airbnb about the refund, and she instantly got upset claiming “she has bills to pay” and that “I’m trying to taking money out her pockets.” Two nights later we get into another verbal altercation about the constant request for new linens; when told me to put the old ones back on the bed, threatened to kick me out on the street in the middle of the night, and call the police! NICE! —>OVERALL When I tell everyone this lady is crazy and don’t deserve to run an Airbnb; take major precautions when booking this place, PLEASE DO! Don’t stay longer than a few days (if even that), unless you just enjoy staying in nasty homes with no hospitality!! I never in my life have been so disgusted and displease with an Airbnb stay and host!!! You can tell the people who just get into this Airbnb business to help pay their bills and don’t actually care about the people who stay at their homes or their comfortability. I would NEVER stay at this place again and NEVER recommend it to anyone. She is no SUPERHOST, more like a SUPERSCAM!! —> DISCLAIMER: I did end up getting my REFUND back, thanks to Airbnb! She really was trying to STEAL my money after the worst stay and for days I didn’t spend at her Nasty home!!”



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