安大略省民宿 · 独立房间 · 1室1卫1床

Queen size bed inside semi-private garage

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该房源位于安大略省, 加利福尼亚, 美国,配备了无线网络、厨房,还有免费停车位供你享用。此外该民宿也设置了热水浴缸,提供了洗衣机、烘干机、衣架等家居设备,让你享受舒适生活。

“I was put under Surveillance because i told this host, I'm an African when she asked me about my nationality and she kept going to this point all my time there! as such the host assmed I'm a drug adict, and treated me accordingly!the room itself was desinged precisely to serve this purpose in clear violation of my privacy rights. yes any one can see you from outsite because there is no wall. Only regular coolrs, shelves, windshield, etc used to circle this room not a curtain or a wall. Yes the host repeatdly bugged me warrining of doing any drug and this is very, very offence to me! to this day i never saw whatever they call drug with a naked eye ever! there is no equivallent of the word "Drug" in my Nubian mother tongue for god sake. this is why, this was very, very offensive to me! all of this becasue i introduced my self to her as an "African". She assmed I'm flying in directly from Africa!This was the first time ever to use this kind of service assuming i will get a good service compared to regular rooms for rent online (Craigslist) where they treat you as a regular tenant not a guest for one third of the price! yes i never paid over $350 for a room like this in my area (Inland Empire) area. but for my surprise i paid more than double the price for a garage not a roam where the host is just oppssesd with controling even the air you breathe!I was shoked when she insisted to control even the number of hours i use of a desktop fan at the time when the heat was over 115 degrea! i offered to buy and bring a better fan but she refused in a very rude way while lecturing me about how this harm the inviorment! for whatever reason she just think Im a total idiot! may be becasue i told her Iam from Africa!I urge AirB&B to inspect this roam design that clearly violate/invade guest privacy. i could of called the county but i didn't.”