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Cozy Cottage

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Cozy Cottage毗邻尼古拉、圣萨瓦教堂等地点,地处于Coșești, Argeș County, 罗马尼亚,提供了无线网络、厨房、电脑桌,更有免费停车位等供您使用此外该房源还有室内壁炉、暖气,让您住进温暖,还提供了洗衣机、衣架、吹风机等家居设备,让您享受舒适生活。


2019年5月“Cozy Cottage might be nice for some, but it comes with more trouble than to be expected. Although we had a good communication with our hosts, the problems we encountered during our 5 days were unfortunately too many and too inconvenient especially for a family with little kids (6 years old). Cozy Cottage can be comfortable for a small family who has very little luggage (or none) and spends 2 nights inside the house and the days away to other places. If there are more than 3 people or if the stay exceeds 3 nights (as in our case with 4 adults and 2 children for 5 nights), there are all sorts of surprises. Among other things, it's good for you to know: - The actual building has good Wi-Fi. But it is in an area where the phone signal is missing. Besides, we did not find anyone at the location when we arrived, so there was no one to show us around. If you don’t know exactly where you are going, by GPS coordinates or by precise explanation, it will be quite difficult to get there; - Once you arrive, you will find that there is no standard way to access the house. If you have a high ground clearance car, you can cross a creek to get the car in front of the gate. Otherwise, you leave your car on the road, on the edge of the forest, and cross the creek by foot, jumping from stone to stone with the luggage on your back. Adventure! (or not, it depends) That wasn’t so funny for us; - There is no wardrobe or hanger in the house (or at least we couldn't find any), and the only place you can put your clothes and other things is on the ground or on a bed turned into closet. Actually there is one closet, but the refrigerator is in it; - If you take your kids to Cozy Cottage, take into account that there is no space to do many things: not in the bedrooms (except for one bedroom, the other 3 are basically rooms the size of a bed), nor on the porch where a large table takes most of the space. But there is some free space in the living room. On the other hand, the kitchen was very basic – for instance, there was no dish rack or cooker hood, so no common equipment if you use to cook daily for your kids; - We had to stay in the house for a couple of days due to rain. Unfortunately, that didn’t necessarily mean relaxation because we found quite a lot of dust across the place; unclean/stained towels in one of the bathrooms and in the kitchen (the host appeared surprised to hear about this); a grill filled with fats and small meat pieces; microwave oven and fridge were dirty inside. Some dishes, apparently washed, still smelled of food when we arrived. (The previous clients left the house 2-3 hours before our arriving, so there might not have been time for the housekeeper to clean the property); - The wood burning stove-based central heating has its own tricks if you want hot/warm water in bathrooms and kitchen or proper heating in rooms. That means that you might wake up in the morning either frozen or boiling, and warm water is not always available; - If you take your kids to Cozy Cottage: the garden from the description is actually a large yard with very little improvements. We found nailed woods left in accessible places in the yard, or an improvised utensil made of a knife knotted to a stick. One of us had a short electric shock when he was preparing to change the malfunctioned bulb from the top floor bath. In one of the bedrooms, water infiltration occurred after a longer period of sustained rain. On the plus side: - we had good communication with the hosts; - stylistically speaking, the interior decorations are OK, some quite interesting; - Wi-Fi is very good; - the yard is large and nice to explore if you ignore the overgrown part and the molehills; - there is a quite nice and large swinging chair; - pets are allowed on the property; - there are TV sets in all rooms, if anyone is interested, and the TV set in the living room supports HDMI. - the area is very beautiful, with the creek, the woods, and an activities center nearby where children can do pottery, cook pizza or ride.”

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