奥斯威戈湖(Lake Oswego)的民宿
奥斯威戈湖(Lake Oswego)民宿 · 整栋乡村小屋 · 1室1卫2床

Garden Cottage-5 min. walk to downtown Lake Oswego

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该房源位于奥斯威戈湖(Lake Oswego), 俄勒冈州, 美国,可自助入住,配备了无线网络、厨房,还有免费停车位供你享用。此外该民宿也设置了空调、暖气,提供了洗衣机、烘干机、洗发水等家居设备,让你享受舒适生活。值得一提的是这里还提供了早餐服务,是品尝当地特色美食的不错选择。

“We stayed in this guesthouse during the summer (Jul-Sept) with our then 10-month-old before making a cross-country move. We ended up fleeing early because of the fires but would gladly have stayed longer. We loved Jenny and John’s place and would heartily recommend it to anyone staying in the Portland area! Pros: -The guesthouse itself is beautiful. High ceilings and windows with lots of light. Nice kitchen space as well. The backyard with its lavender bushes is straight out of Italy. -Jenny’s garden is incredible in the summer (and probably other seasons as well). She was kind enough to let us sample the squash, zucchini, and tomatoes she was growing...which we really appreciated because our baby turned out to be tomato-obsessed. I would pay double rent on this guesthouse just to eat this produce! We spent every day on a blanket in the yard. There are also bird feeders in front of the guesthouse window that we watched all the time (we love birds). -Jenny and John are very hospitable, engaged us in conversation even when they had other things to attend to (we were very socially starved after COVID) and even gave our baby a gift for her first birthday. -Jenny and John’s pets, especially the chicken! Cons (really only a consideration for long-term guests): No road frontage: the guesthouse is only accessible through an alley that is hard to spot. This drives couriers nuts! Usually it wouldn’t be an issue, but with COVID and a baby we ordered everything to the guesthouse. I think Amazon had it figured out by the end of our stay, but you may spend a lot of time on the phone with food delivery people trying to help them find the place. Mail: the guesthouse doesn’t have its own address, so your mail is delivered to Jenny and John’s house. They had no problem bringing it over to outside the guesthouse. We felt bad if they got to the giant heavy packages before we did, though. Lake Oswego pedestrian issues: Lake Oswego suffers from the perennial issues that affect many suburbs; namely, they are designed for cars rather than people. There are few sidewalks and if you feel like venturing outside of First Addition as a pedestrian/runner, you’re taking your life into your own hands. If you’re just going to/from downtown you’ll be fine, but venturing farther afield generally requires a car. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to take advantage of the guesthouse’s proximity to downtown because of COVID concerns. We did some walking around Tryon Creek, however, which is truly lovely, albeit rather narrow and hard to socially distance on.”



波特兰民宿 · 整栋乡村小屋 · 2室1卫3床

Grace House

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该房源位于波特兰, 俄勒冈州, 美国,配备了无线网络、厨房,此外该民宿也设置了空调、暖气,提供了洗衣机、烘干机、洗发水等家居设备,让你享受舒适生活。如带小孩出行,房源内也有儿童高脚餐椅可供使用,让带娃出门更轻松。

“We spent four months in Grace House with our then 6-month-old baby in-between selling our house in the country and attempting to buy one in the city. We were excited to enjoy everything the city had to offer—and then the week we moved in, COVID happened and we were locked down in Grace House. So we might know it better than anyone by this point. The pros: -Probably the best location in Portland. Half a block to Sellwood Park, great bike/running trail along Oaks Bottom (many birds), a few blocks to downtown Sellwood for food and drinks, eminently walkable, easy to get to the rest of Portland, etc. -Susan and Sam are great. Susan was basically the only person we spoke to in-person during the lockdown and became a sort of surrogate grandmother to our infant daughter. Susan and Sam respond very quickly to any concerns. Susan also made dinner for us one night and supplied us with baked goods! -The backyard is GREAT and is landscaped weekly. We spent a lot of time out there, despite the unseasonable cold and rain this summer (thanks, Portland). -Central air, a rarity in Portland and very much appreciated. The cons -The house is old, dark, and small. You’re paying for location here. -The kitchen—oh god, the kitchen. If you’re culinarily inclined, you will have a major adjustment to make (I broke down one night after attempting to cook enchiladas and covering every surface with pans, and still running out of space.) HOWEVER, if you don’t do a lot of cooking, you will be just fine. And the kitchen is well stocked with cutlery, plates, pans, etc. While I think we would have enjoyed our stay in Grace House much more were we not locked down in the house/ immediate neighborhood with a young baby for months on end, I’m glad we got to meet Susan and Sam and spend some time in the best neighborhood in Portland.”