奥斯汀民宿 · 整间Loft · 1室2卫1床

Modern Loft in the Heart of Austin!

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该房源位于奥斯汀, 德克萨斯州, 美国,可自助入住,配备了无线网络、厨房,还有免费停车位供你享用。此外该民宿也设置了空调、暖气,提供了洗衣机、烘干机、洗发水等家居设备,让你享受舒适生活。

“Thanks for your NARCISSISTIC CON. As per text and PHONECALL, (YOU GAVE ME YOUR WORD, your WORD, what happened to virtues?), that you'd rather FULLY REFUND me, as you wanted to make me happy and you also didn't need this as well, for your feedback or better yet, for by asking me on 2nd call, that I should cancel, would give you an easier way to open calendar up and AirBnB with their algorithms whom keep track of how often a HOST CANCELS. HOW DARE YOU TREAT ME THIS WAY, what did I do to deserve this, what harm did I give you? If I'd of known who you really were, wow, how you took advantage of me. Shame on you, will not even mean anything to you. I trusted you. I thought you had my back. But you knew, knowing, calculating, that I'd be busy, using Lyft app, calling Hotel, putting my sneakers on, getting my unpacked luggage closer to the door, as I fell twice due to this stupid architecture design, who makes a step approx 2" tall? Thanks for nothing!!! Thanks for placing me in an aggressively working fighting situation with AirBnB, who's passing the buck. Karma is a YOU KNOW WHAT. YOU NEED TO SHOW UPDATED true Pictures of couch, chairs, livingroom area. Was to disgusted to even climb the spiral staircase due to the heat. What I find interesting is that the maid, according to his text said was ready, did they just turn off the AC, very strange, why would they even do that? Only reason we found Loft was knowing near/next to a convenience store. That could also be an Austin Texas or GPS glitch, whether using Apple Maps and Google maps. He Expected, I THE GUEST TO do his job as Host. In other words he out right REFUSED to help. His response, "I will not drive across town". He knew, from the beginning my needs due to questions asked before booking. Sean, I know your average guest is most likely under 35 years old, right no TV watchers as per conversation. Everything to you is subjective versus kindness, versus respect. Bottom line, if your priorities are TV, HAVING TO not bring ROACHES home, expecting AC to work, find another place. If you plan to party or waiting for your permanent home to be ready, then your welcome to stay here. Thank YOU FOR MAKING MY STAY PLEASANT!!!”