指宿民宿 · 整套房子 · 3室1.5卫1床

民泊 なのはな

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该房源位于指宿, Kagoshima, 日本,可自助入住,配备了无线网络、厨房,还有免费停车位供你享用。此外该民宿也设置了空调、暖气,提供了洗衣机、烘干机、洗发水等家居设备,让你享受舒适生活。

“我们并没有什么旅游计划就只是想放放松。这个屋子:有可以睡四个人的和室,有双人寝室 ,同时还有吊床和沙发等。让我感到更为惊讶的是,他的厅里有钢琴和两把吉他一把贝斯,甚至还有个音箱……周围没有人,晚上可以嗨得很开心。 房东第一天带我们去买烧烤食材,连炉子都准备好,室外还有野营用的帐篷,里面有两张充气床,还有可以躺着看星星的躺椅(可惜这两天多云。) 傍晚去海边游完泳回来,吃烧烤,晚上放烟花,然后在屋里弹吉他,唱歌。真的不要太美好。隔天睡醒眼前就是美丽的蓝天大海。 感谢房东贴心的导游和接送服务T T ,而且价格简直太贴心了。 包括洗衣机干燥机都有,按摩椅也有,浴缸也很大,能完整伸长腿…… 除了因为在海边,加上是夏天,虫子有点多。但是瑕不掩瑜!亲近大自然的美妙!!烧烤的时候有小野猫过来蹭吃的,出于心软给它分享了点食物,结果隔天一直盯着我们。 这种体验其实很难再来一遍 🤣所以这次的一期一会,真的是整个旅程当中最开心的两天,甚至想取消后面的行程再多住两天。 没有明确的景点目的地,只想找个地方放松身心度假的话,强烈推荐nanohana,你将收获可以完全不用担心吵到邻居,不用担心自行车随便停放的城市规矩,尽情的放松人类本性。 The owner must be a superstar of IBUSUKI!!!! This trip made me remember IBUSUKI, which embrace the nature from the southeast of Japan's main island. We don't have any travel plans, we just want to relax for next travel, This room has a Japanese room for four people, a double bedroom, a hammock, a sofa and so on. To my even greater surprise, there was a piano, two guitars, a bass, and even a sound box in his living room... With no one around, you can have a good time at anytime. On our first day, the owner took us out to buy barbecue food, with a ready stove, and a camping tent with two inflatable beds and a star-gazing lounger outside (unfortunately, it's cloudy these days). In the evening, I went to the beach, swam back, had barbecue, set off fireworks in the evening, then played guitar and sang songs in the house. Really too nice. The next day I woke up , first scene was the beautiful blue sky and sea. Thanks to the owner for the considerate tour guide and pick-up service, and the price is so gendered. It includes a washing machine, a dryer, a massage chair,.... Except that it's by the sea and it's summer, there are a lot of insects. But bcz its natural, so I don't think it's a disadvantage ! The beauty of being close to nature! At the barbecue, a cat came over to graze . This experience is hard to do it again 🤣 so this ICHIGO ICHIE , really is the most happy of our whole trip for two days, or even want to cancel the next plan for two days more. If you just want to find a place to relax yourself on vacation, NANOHANA is highly recommended. You will be able to completely relax human nature without worrying about the neighbors and the city rules.”