Colloquial Area
“Odaiba (or Daiba) is a leisure and entertainment area in Koto ward, Tokyo, that covers part of two islands in Tokyo Bay. As a leisure spot, Odaiba has something for everyone, day and night, from sports facilities and stadiums, elaborate shopping malls, museums, concerts, hotels, to great views of Tokyo Bay and Tokyo itself. Odaiba's fun and cutting-edge, yet outdoorsy, vibe makes it popular with the young and dating couples. a loop bus leaves from Oedo Onsen Monogatari → Grand Nikko Hotel Daiba → Tokyo Teleport Station → Hotel-East 21 Tokyo → Kinshicho Station → Tokyo Skytree. The bus to Tokyo Skytree stops at Kasai Station, but only to pick passengers up, not let them off, and at Kinshicho Station, but only to let passengers off, not pick them up. The bus from Tokyo Skytree to the Disney resorts stops at Kinshicho Station, too, but only to pick passengers up, not let them off, and at Kasai Station, but only to let passengers off, not pick them up. The first bus leaves Oedo Onsen Monogatari at 8:45 am (next one 12:55), and the last bus leaves the Skytree at 5:40 pm. 600 yen for adults.”
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Hot Spring
“It's a popular hot spring place in Odaiba Tokyo. Inside seems remodeled into a Japanese old style street.”
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Theme Park
“Tokyo Joypolis, one of the largest indoor amusement parks in Japan at Decks Tokyo Beach, is based on the concept of “digital real”, a fusion of digital and real. You can experience a new extraordinary experience, such as a live stage that combines abundant attractions and video with real performance. Attractions that use state-of-the-art VR technology cannot be overlooked. Because it is indoors, it is recommended for sightseeing on rainy days.”
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Convention Center
“Tokyo Big Site / 東京ビッグサイト Tokyo International Exhibition Center, familiar with the name of Tokyo Big Sight, is the largest conversation center in Japan that opened in 1996. The event calendar is full throughout the year. The exhibition area has 10 exhibition halls with the area of 80,000 square meters welcoming more than 10 million people every year. It is the finish line for Tokyo Marathon and a venue for many major events including Tokyo Mortor Show, Japan IT Week, Comiket(comic market), and international Gift Show. An unbelievable number of industry trade shows are held every day.”
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Place to eat
“The most famous TV station in Japan. Observatory and theater room, there is also a restaurant.”
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“Largest food court in the Odaiba area. There has been Tokyo's famous restaurant.”
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“Entertainment-type shopping center. There are 140 shops or more of the shops and restaurants.”
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“Venus Fort is a shopping mall in the style of a 18th century South European town. The mall features over a hundred shops, fashion boutiques, cafes and restaurants plus the another highlight of it is the unique car show. ”
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“雲集時裝、雜貨、電子產品、品牌折扣店等於一處的大型商場「維納斯城堡Venus Fort」,還有網羅最新車款,小孩也可以享受駕駛樂趣的「MEGA WEB」,再加上台場地標「大觀覽車」摩天輪,室內遊樂場「東京Leisure Land」、表演會場「Zepp Tokyo」,從早到晚,樂趣層出不窮。”
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Toy / Game Store
“Life size Gundam Statue is very famous not only for tourist but for all Japanese as well. Fan of Transformers Movie, this is a must see! ”
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Bus Station
“'Oedo Onsen Monogatari' This place is AMAZING!!! I been all over Japan and have not found a place like this. Not only you have a variety of baths to try, (indoor, outdoor, jet, bubble, cold, sauna), there are also TVs and restaurants INSIDE the facility. I only been there one day, but wished I could have extended it over several days. ”
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“It's Hilton Hotel in Odaiba.Just across the Rainbow Bridge from Shinbashi, this Odaiba hotel gives off the ambience of a resort. Placed on the waterfront, the balconies give the sense of being on a boat at full sail (many of which can actually be seen on the water). The location also affords views of Tokyo Bay and Rainbow Bridge, as well as private shuttle buses to Tokyo Disney Resort. Re-opened by the Hilton group in autumn 2015, the hotel has had a full makeover, raising standards across the board both in the guest rooms and the public areas.”
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“日本未来科技馆,如果您家里有大一点的孩子,一定推荐您去的地方就是这里。二楼有机器人展厅,可以看到机器人展示。是有时间限制的,去了以后最好先看一下几点开始表演,快到表演的时候可以过去。 有仿真机器人,真人同等大小,实际可以触摸机器人,和机器人说话,还能了解到机器人的制作过程和材料。 另外有动物机器人,还有其他机器人进行表演 除此之外还介绍很多科学知识,很适合思考的一个地方,非常推荐!”
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Sublocality Level 1
“It is a tourism spot that faced Tokyo Bay. There is a large park, TV station, and full scale Gundam not only shopping area, so events are often held. ”
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“"The largest outlet in Australian chef Bill Granger's overseas empire does have a waterside location, although the heavily trafficked Decks shopping mall is a far cry from the Shonan coastline spot that provided a home to Granger's first overseas outpost, Bills Shichirigahama. In decor and ambience, Bills Odaiba feels more reminiscent of its Yokohama sibling – albeit bigger, with space for just over 200 people. The fabled (and, dare we say it, slightly overrated) scrambled eggs and pancakes are present, but the chief selling point is an all-new kids menu, which Granger hopes will introduce youngsters to some new tastes and textures. Denny's it ain't: the Wagyu burger, parmesan crusted schnitzel with garlic mashed potatoes, and spaghetti with cherry tomatoes, ricotta, spinach and pecorino are all adapted from the grown-ups' menu, while there's also a new dish, grilled salmon with mashed potatoes, green beans and roast tomato. All are available, with a choice of three desserts, for ¥1,300. Bills Odaiba is a resounding success, and it makes the other culinary offerings at Decks look positively dowdy in comparison. Yet there's a nagging sense of functionality to the place that could stop people falling for it as hard as they did with the Shichirigahama branch. Once a novelty that was worth an expedition in itself, Bills suddenly feels a little... ordinary." ”
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“It is safe to say that there is no other bar owner in Tokyo who can match Mark Kagaya for brilliant lunacy. His side-splitting antics are this humble izakaya 's star attraction although his mum's nourishing home-cooking also hits the spot. Bookings are essential. ”
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“You are able to learn disaster prevention against earthquake and tsunami. No fee for entry. Open Hours 9:30~17:00. Closed on Mondays.”
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“Azabu-Juban is a melting pot of locals and ex-pats. It’s close to Roppongi and Roppongi Hills. If you are in the area, you’ll want to visit a small but special Italian restaurant. They are open for lunch and dinner. The quality and service are great. As many restaurants offer lunch time “deals”, this one is no exception. You choose a main course and then can chose a drink, an appetizer, a salad, etc. It’s a fixed price depending on how many things you order. The quality of the food was very good and in the summer, the windows are open to the street. It has 2 floors so you can do people watching from multiple levels.”
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