Theme Park
“ 迪士尼樂園無庸至疑的是世界上最著名的主題遊樂園. 從1955年開始於加州安那罕, 到目前為止迪士尼樂園已經擴展到亞洲的東京, 香港, 歐洲的巴黎以及北美洲的安那罕和奧蘭多. 到2014年第六座迪士尼樂園並會在世界最大市場-中國的上海開始營業. 不過即使迪士尼樂園已經遍佈世界三大洲, 安那罕的迪士尼樂園仍然每年吸引約1487萬遊客前來, 排名世界第二. 而排名第一的則是位於奧蘭多的迪士尼樂園系列之一的神奇王國. 其實世界遊客最多的前十座主題遊樂園中, 迪士尼樂園系列就佔了前九位, 並且所有的迪士尼樂園每年可吸引約一億一千六百萬名遊客.”
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“由於地處山頂,您無論在城市的哪裡都能望見這座天文台,所以這裡是洛杉磯的真正地標。就算天氣不是洛杉磯典型的晴朗好天,我們也喜歡徒步登山前往。我覺得大家還沒有意識到這座天文台擁有世界上最好的天文館之一!達人錦囊 電影迷們將會記得《無因的反抗》中James Dean 在天文台旁走來走去的一幕。”
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“洛杉磯縣立美術館建於1910年, 位於洛杉磯(Los Angeles)西邊的 Wilshire 大道上. 附近各種博物館林立, 屬於洛杉磯(Los Angeles)的精華地段之一, 當地稱之為 Miracle Mile (奇蹟大道). 洛杉磯縣立美術館每年吸引約100萬名遊客, 為美西最大的美術館, 館內有多達15萬件的藝術作品, 從古代文明藝術到現代抽象藝術都應有盡有. 美術館館區佔地20英畝, 並且有多達七棟展覽館.”
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Theme Park
“This is a must-visit if you’ve never been. The Harry Potter World is crazy! Buy tickets ahead of time online and make sure to get there early to give yourself enough time to see everything.”
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“位於洛杉磯Farmer’s Market旁的The Grove,是南加州有名的高級購物中心,結合購物及娛樂。採取開放式的廣場,中心內歐式建築以及磚瓦的街道讓人彷彿置身於歐洲小鎮。擁有十四個大螢幕的電影院和仿賭城Bellagio水舞而建的噴水池區,另外貫穿購物中心的復古電車也很特別。中央廣場的草坪在每年的十一月底開始,會有南加州最高的聖誕樹與燈飾,常常吸引許多人前來。”
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“Just two blocks from Hollywood Boulevard, Runyon Canyon Park is an often overlooked urban park that offers some great views. Atop the canyon, you can glimpse views of the San Fernando Valley and the Pacific Ocean, as well as the Hollywood Sign and Giffith Observatory. The park also boasts several hiking trails and is a popular spot for celebrities to exercise. Travelers say that the canyon is reminiscent of Old Hollywood with several old mansions and estates scattered throughout the park – keep your eyes peeled as you follow the trail. ”
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“Free! Just pay for parking. Majestic hilltop buildings, the art is Ok, the traveling collections can be great, but the real attraction is the space and gardens themselves. Must not miss!”
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“离洛杉矶市中心最近的海滩, 是休闲浪漫的好去处, 多部电影电视剧的拍摄现场,66号历史公路的起点处,还可以去步行街逛逛,商店饭馆街头表演, 让你美不胜收!There is a beautiful beach with lots of road show there. You can also walk on the Third Street Promenade.”
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Shopping Plaza
“Outdoor shopping scene. It has everything. A nice walk, crowded on the weekends.”
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“Free art museum in Downtown Los Angeles, book tickets in advance to avoid standby line”
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“i have seen excellent performances. From clasical phillarmonic to popular singers and bands”
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“Great place to see the famous Walk of Fame of every star who has graced Hollywood. Enjoy exploring and learning more about the world's most famous sidewalk and the celebrities it honors! ”
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“elite shopping , stores, food courts, and beautiful people. Amazing restaurants also exist on the premises! ”
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“6 Flags Magic Mountain has some of the most exciting rides in the world. A must if you are traveling to Santa Clarita. ”
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“This is one of the places that you must visit in LA. It's a section in the west Hollywood area with famous landmarks, restaurants, and bars. One of the landmarks that you cannot miss is the Kodak theater where the annual academy awards is held. There is also the Grauman main Chinese theater, which is a historical landmark in LA. In front of this theater, you can see famous actors & actresses hand imprint on the ground with their autographs. Another landmark that you don't want to miss is the Roosevelt Hollywood hotel. A very historical hotel where Marilyn Monroe and Shirley Temple used to stay regularly”
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“With more visitors per year than NYC, it is no wonder you came to stay at our beach house. Venice Beach has great bars, restaurants, the famous beach gym, pickleball courts, a beautiful sand beach with temperate water and a fantastic boardwalk for pedestrians and separately for bikers. Be sure to rent a bike your first day from the multitude of affordable beach rental spots so you can explore and get to know it! It's an easy bike ride up to the Santa Monica Pier too.”
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“Everything here is delicious...this place is so cool they don't even put their name on the outside...the takeout next door is great too! ”
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“Beautiful Spanish roof top restaurant and patio area with beautiful views of downtown LA. ”
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“Best French-Italian restaurant in my opinion. Almost everything on the menu is good. Their dessert selections were amazing, I love the tiramisu. ”
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“Fun local spot right by the beach. Great place for daytime or nighttime depending on your mood. Indoor and outdoor areas with fireplace in the back. Great drinks!”
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“Favorite plant-based restaurant on the coast. This place has mouth-watering dishes that are 100% vegan, but you wouldn't be able to tell. ”
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“Cocktails & shared plates are served at this lively gay lounge with outdoor terraces & dance floor. Address: 692 N Robertson Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069”
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“Great restaurant and bar. Best cocktails in the area and amazing food. Crowd is typically full of interesting writers and other industry creative types. ”
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“Another fantastic food scene! Be prepared to wait, but worth it! STRONG coffee.. artisan baked goods and breakfast options. Really simple but delicious meals... open for dinner as well... but outdoor seating only! Their breakfast bialy sandwiches are my favorite!”
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