Marshalltown民宿 · 独立房间 · 1室1卫1床

The Woodland Bed and Breakfast Africa Suite

4.9分 · 17条评论超赞房东灵活退改

该房源位于Marshalltown, 爱荷华州, 美国,配备了无线网络,还有免费停车位供你享用。此外该民宿也设置了空调、暖气,提供了洗发水、衣架、吹风机等家居设备,让你享受舒适生活。

“Mr. Tom and Mrs. Janey were absolutely the best hosts I've ever had through Airbnb! (& I've stayed at quite a few! The place is so clean! Small things go so far. They truly go above and beyond. Details like Mr. Tom asking if their assortment of kurig coffee was good or if I needed more or different ones. Mrs. Janey has got to be the sweetest woman Alive! Geez, where do I start? Ok, They made popcorn (upstairs), and she a couple bags outside my door! (Let me take a step back... I follow tornados, hurricanes, disasters around, and work as an independent adjuster... Working about 18+ hours /day, while deployed... I got into this line of work after doing church mission work in Hurricane Katrina. Its heartbreaking, and I try to help... But, being 13+ hrs from home, missing my pups, exhausted..... people like these hosts literally warm my heart.)) Sweet Mrs. Janey has brought me watermelon and cinnamon rolls for breakfast, has done my laundry here and invited me for burgers one Sunday! ( If she hadn't, I would have drove 15 min into town, found a place, brought my laptop to work and eat fast food in the parking lot, most likely) Instead, had a lovely Sunday afternoon with exceptional company. Things like this, truly, just changed my entire trip. I know laundry seems small, but having a meal with kind people, instead of a laptop. Taking a break, a breath, and remembering why I even do this crazy work, is for kind souls like these. It just changed my attitude that day, in a big way. Okay, Let's see, I locked myself outside (key inside) at 6am tryin to get a cell signal... no shoes, PJ's lol not even 5 minutes later they tossed down an extra key. (Not that I'd even need to lock the door here, just a nightly habit) The studio apt was absolutely beautiful, and perfect for me. Kind hosts, going about and beyond... The only people was the cell service and satallite Internet. Wifi calling worked most the time, but unless you're here for strictly business, shouldn't be a problem. (I am here for work, but loved the place, location, and my amazing hosts, I decided to get over it because I liked it here so much)”